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Pepper spray,pepper gun & stun gun

These are the most powerful pepper sprays in the world! They are non-lethal weapons of formidable force for self-defence. Please for more information or a request for pricing, kindly contact our sales team.


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Body amour bullet proof vest

For all your requirements on a police bullet proof vest, military bullet proof vest, Civilian bullet proof vest, bullet proof helmet, Bomb blankets, and others… Kindly contact our friendly sales team for a quote.

Solar Panel

Top-of-the-line products for every application Solar modules are units with electrical connections that are made up of several solar cells. Direct current is collected from sunlight in the modules and then converted to grid-compatible alternating current by inverters.

 The mono-and polycrystalline products from SolarWorld AG come in different sizes, making them suitable for all applications – from a residential rooftop to a large-scale facility.

10 year product warranty / 25 year performance warranty Solar panels / Photovoltaic modules ideally suitable for both off-grid and small on-grid applications. Highest quality standards are applied in the entire manufacturing process.

SolarWorld’s in-depth expertise ensures best performance and highest energy yields over the entire lifespan, even under challenging climatic conditions.

The compact dimensions of the Sunmodule® Solar Panels and the solid workmanship of its aluminum frame allow easy and flexible mounting.

The design of the water repellent junction box makes wiring easy and secure.

The junction box is equipped with two cable glands and two easy to wire spring-type clamps, so no special tools are needed. This simplifies installation and speeds up the installation process.

  • Quality Standards
  • 10 year product warranty
  • 25 year linear performance guarantee